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MY602-Android-Powered Rugged Walkie-Talkie Smartphone

SAHASRA brings to you the MY602 an Android based Walkie-Talkie Smartphone, a unique offering to make sure you are always connected. For the first time you will see an Android Powered GSM phone integrated with Walkie-Talkie as well as VOIP functions ideal for use in the industrial environment due to its rugged design features.

A truly "Make in India" product manufactured, tested and validated at its plants in Noida, the MY602 has been launched by Sahasra in technical collaboration with its Taiwanese partner Infomax Communication. Therefore we offer customizable options to our clients mainly government institutions for niche security applications.


Ideal for use in industrial, mining, security and defense applications this phone is a uniquely designed product meant for high end applications and communicating in areas where mobile connectivity is a challenge.

  • Mining
  • Airport staff
  • Airline ground staff
  • Security Persons
  • Railway and transportation industry
  • Defense
  • Construction
  • Gas stations
  • Fire Stations


Android Powered :

The MY602 is powered with Android Version 2.2, which provides you with a wide range of uses & applications across utility & field service Sector.

Always Connected :

The MY602 is built to connect you under the most extreme conditions & provides a secure connection within your team. For the 1st time, a smart phone is integrated with Walkie – Talkie feature with a range of 1 KM, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) & GSM Connectivity.

Storage Capacity :

The MY602 has a SD Card storage slot which can support up to 32 GB.

Made for the rugged environment :

The MY602 is IP54 Certified which means it is dust proof and can withstand gravitational shock up to 1.2 Meters and at the same time it is also water resistant.

The MY602 can operate within a range of temperature environments varying from – 20 Deg. C to +55 Deg. C.

Reliable Battery Backup support :

The MY602 has a great battery backup with a capacity above 2800mAh, it can provide an incredible battery standby duration of approximately 1 month.

Touch & Type Agility :

The MY602 offers touch & type capability which helps you to browse, text and do more functions faster.

Dual Sim :

MY602's dual SIM has the ability to support two active SIM's at same time. It allows consumers to operate two calling numbers and also allows consumers to operate two different cell phone Network on one Unit.


MY602 is enabled with GPS Facility which allows users to track their location and even have their location tracked by others.

Flash Light :

The flashlight in MY602 allows us to take clear pictures and even more so when you need to light up a dark corner.


Q : What is the Android Version and which network is compatible with MY602?
A : MY602 works on Android version 2.2 and is 2G GSM compatible.

Q : Can I capture & send photos?
A : Yes, you can capture and share photos through MMS using GSM connection or WI-FI using Instant Messaging Apps or via Bluetooth.

Q : Is this phone water & dust proof?
A : The phone is IP54 rated, it is dust protected & can resist splashing of water.

Q : Can I make a call without SIM card?
A : Yes you can make a call without SIM Card, as this phone is enabled with Walkie –Talkie and VoIP.

Q : How to use Walkie –Talkie function?
A : Yes you can directly use Walkie –Talkie, on the right hand side a PTT (Push to Talk) button is given so by clicking on it you can directly access the Walkie –Talkie function.

Q : Within what PTT frequency range does MY602 operate?
A : The MY602 operates within 400-470MHz.

Q : Can I change the frequency range of Walkie –Talkie?
A : No, you cannot change the frequency as the MY602 only operates between 400-470MHz so you can only select frequency channels in between this range with a gap of 2MHz.

Q : Can I attend a GSM call during Walkie –Talkie session and vice-versa?
A : Yes, you can attend your call during Walkie –Talkie session however vice-versa is not possible. GSM network will always be the leading network. Even when a VoIP call is in session and you get a GSM call the phone switches to GSM network as that is the leading network.

Q : What is the range of Walkie –Talkie communication?
A : The maximum range is around 1KM.

Q : Can another Walkie –Talkie connect to MY602?
A : No, MY602 operates on a specific frequency band.

Q : How to configure VoIP function?
A : You need to install the SIP server software on your PC/Server, configure the WI-FI settings with the SIP server and then connect the phone to WIFI. After this the phone settings need to be configured with a self generated username and number after which the phone will automatically communicate with the SIP server.

Q : Do I need a SIP server?
A : Yes you need a SIP server to connect with your WIFI network to use the VoIP function on your phone.

Q : How to use VoIP function?
A : You can directly use VoIP, on the right hand side there is a hold button by clicking on this you can directly connect to VoIP call.

Q : How does the voice clarity of VoIP compare to traditional telephone?
A : The quality of VoIP has steadily improved since its inception and it now meets or exceeds the quality of a traditional landline. Voice clarity is determined by the quality of your VoIP provider and your Internet connection.

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