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  • -48 Volt DC Power Supply

    The -48 Volt DC Power Supply delivers power to any Geist environmental monitor.

    Input voltage: -48 VDC to -36 VDC
    Output voltage: 6 VDC
    Output Current: 1A
    Warranty: One year

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  • 5-Port Splitter

    This five port splitter makes the installation for multiple remote sensors easy. Chain them together to connect up to 16 sensors. Comes with one RJ-12 plug, five receptacles, and four-foot cord. Learn More
  • POE Splitter

    POE Adapter Splitter

    The Level One Power over Ethernet Splitter (PoE splitter) has the option of outputting a 5VDC or 12VDC power signal from the -48VDC on the Data In port. Set 5V or 12V with the dip switch located on the side of the unit.

    POE Splitter & Injector Kit

    • Power any RS units over Ethernet cable *
    • Simple connection
    • Saves wiring—remote power supply
    • 300-foot maximum length
    • No software required
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  • PSTN and GSM Auto-Dialers

    The relay controlled PSTN and GSM auto-dialers add an additional level of alert notification. The units are especially ideal for notifications in the unusual event of a network failure and also for alert notifications from remote locations where a network connection is not available for SNMP or email alerts. Battery back-up ensures that the auto-dialer can still deliver alerts even if its power source is lost. The dialer can be programmed to call up to nine different phone numbers and play a pre-recorded message to each person who answers, until the message is acknowledged. The dialer contains two triggers. Each trigger can have its own pre-recorded message.

    Both dialers connect to the relay output port on an environmental monitor. The GSM receives a SM card and the PSTN uses a standard telephone line.

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  • D-Link DCS-930L

    Want to monitor your server room? This easy-to-install wireless network camera makes it simple and affordable.

    The D-Link® Wireless G Network Camera (DCS-930L) connects to a wireless (or wired) network to provide remote high-quality video surveillance. With its sleek compact design, the DCS-930L is an affordable network camera ideal for your home or small business. Since the DCS-930L is a wireless camera, you can place it in areas that have no access to an Ethernet (wired) connection, such as ceilings or high walls. Additionally, with support for WPA®-PSK and WPA2®, the DCS-920 provides you with the highest level of security when connecting to your wireless network, enabling you to stream high-quality MJPEG video quickly and easily to your computer.

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