Sahasra Sambhav Center Of Excellence

India is a vast country with the second largest population in the world as well as the largest youth population. This diverse and demographic spread has led to huge network of ITI, diploma, engineering and polytechnic colleges and institutes across the country. However due to poor industry/educational institutions connect and lack of industry experience at the academic level the students at these learning centers are deprived of the most important and basic requirement of practical training. We have therefore designed customized programs for deploying at these learning centers and work with local institutions in setting up of the same all across the country. Each Centre of Excellence (COE) is designed to suit the specific needs of the trainees and open to all students of the institution.

We provide complete consultancy in setting up of the labs right from equipment to curriculum to TOT. These COE's are part of the college and with little initial investment on part of the institution become an important long-term asset with access to all students of the future and even other institutes in the community.

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