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Industrial Visits

Sahasra Sambhav Initiate the industrial visits program for B.Tech / Diploma ECE/EEE/EI students in our group companies Sahasra Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Nano Electrotech Pvt. Ltd, Infopower Technologies Ltd., Noida to enhance knowledge about Manufacturing Process & real industry Scenario which will be done inside the industry.

During Industrial visit a seminar will also delivered by industry experts.

The duration of seminar is 1-1.5hrs

Benefits of the visit:-

1. Exposure to core electronic industries
2. Student will get to apply their theoretical knowledge into practical applications with industry standards
3. Awareness about the electronic industries
4. Career opportunities
5. Electronic components
6. Electronics Market segmentation
7. Future of electronics
8. No. of Student for industrial visit -:50-60 in a day.

Participation certificate will be provided to students after completion of Visit.

Working Segments

1. EMS
2. PCB Design
3. PCB Manufacturing & Assembly
4. LED Lighting (Design & Development, Testing)
5. Solar Technology
6. SMT Line

Faculty Development Programs

Sahasra Sambhav Skill Development P. Ltd. is organizing various Faculty Development Programs on Surface Mount Technology Manufacturing Process, LED Lighting Technology, PCB Manufacturing etc.

Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for constructing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). An electronic device so made is called a surface-mount device (SMD). In the industry it has largely replaced the through-hole technology construction method of fitting components with wire leads into holes in the circuit board.

In PCB Manufacturing participants are able to get knowledge about all the processes involved in PCB Manufacturing. We are working on various type of PCBs Like as Single Side PCB, Double Side PCB, Single Layer PCB, Multilayer PCB, Metal Core PCBs.

LED Lighting is also very growing field of Electronics. We can say without LED Lighting electronics is nothing in forthcoming time. In LED Lighting program participants are able to get knowledge about all the processes like as Designing, Development, Assembly, Testing and safety procedures required for industries and products.

Objective of the program is to give in depth awareness about current manufacturing techniques and processes to the ECE/EE faculties from Engineering Colleges. Program will be conducted on campus and inside the industry to give complete understanding to the participants.


Sahasra Sambhav launches a 1 day to 1 Week workshop programs for 10+2, ITI, diploma & engineering students. During these workshops students get practical knowledge about electronic manufacturing processes and get hands on practice with some instruments in his classroom.

These workshops are designed to give an insight into the modern techniques and technology used in the manufacturing of Electronic Equipment/ products. Electronics Manufacturing Industry is the largest employers of manpower in the world and India is now focusing on Electronics Manufacturing. It covers the Manual as well Automatic processes including SMT, Machinery, LED Lighting, Through Hole Processes etc.

Students also work on small projects using SMD components to understand the concept of SMD, Through Hole Components to understand and identification of components, LED Lighting products Assembly & Designing.

Workshop 1 - Techniques in Modern Electronics Manufacturing
Workshop 2 - Industrial Components Identification and Application
Workshop 3 - Introduction to LED lighting design concepts

Guest/Expert Lectures

Sahasra Sambhav Skill Development Pvt. Ltd. , Is going to organize Guest Lecture / Skill development seminar for Electronics & Communication Diploma/engineering (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year) Students inside colleges. This seminar is very beneficial for the upcoming engineers and faculty members which are involved in engineering Curriculum. The lecture will be created and delivered by our 2- 25 years experienced industry experts.

Topics for Seminar are as follows

• Electronics Manufacturing Services ( SMT, PTH)
• PCB Manufacturing processes
• LED Lighting Technology & its future
• Solar Technology & its requirement
• Career opportunities for electronic engineers.

There is also a motivational speech for the students.
Duration of seminar - Approximately 3 hours

Target audience:-

ECE/EEE (faculty & students)

Benefits for the students:
• Awareness about the electronic industries
• Career opportunities
• Electronic components Basics
• Electronics Market segmentation
• Future of electronics
• Works of various departments and Supply chain Management

Speaker of the seminar: -

All the speakers (Department Heads / Senior Engineers) belonging our group companies like as Sahasra Electronic Pvt. ltd., Nano Eelectrotech Pvt Ltd, Infopower Technologies Ltd, and having around 2-25 years' experience in related segments and Departments Like as R & D, Production, Quality, Testing, Manufacturing, Designing etc.

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