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Trained Manpower

We provide Trained/Experienced manpower for industries in various functional domains related to Advance Electronics Manufacturing, LED Lighting, Solar Technology, PCB Designing, PCB Manufacturing etc. at all levels right from workers to unit heads. We also do head hunting as per the requirement of the industries and also keep a close watch on the performance of the recruited people.

Our team strived hard to find the right profile for our candidate and provide our client with right people having the right skills at the right time.

Functional Domains are as-

1. Production
2. R&D
3. Testing
4. Purchase
5. Quality
6. Marketing
7. Inventory Management
8. Sales
9. Planning & Control
10. Stores

Our unique working methodology and untiring efforts enables us to shortlist appropriate candidate, who are at the helm of rendering the best of present generation services.

IPC Certification

We are only a sole body in north region for providing IPC Certification in india.This program offers those interested in company-wide quality assurance initiatives in an industry traceable, IPC-sponsored program to support their commitment to continuous improvement of product quality and reliability.

This certification will demonstrate commitment to customer requirements and greatly assists any company dedicated to ISO-9000 or other quality assurance initiatives. This training and certification has immediate recognition, legitimacy and value throughout the electronics industry.

List of IPC Training Program:
1. J-STD-001 Training and Certification Program: Requirement for soldered Electrical and Electronic assemblies.
2. IPC-A-600 Training and Certification Program: Acceptability of Printed board.
3. IPC-A-610 Training and Certification Program: Acceptability of Electronic Assembly.
4. IPC/WHMA-A-620 Training and Certification Program: Requirement and Acceptance for cable and wire harness Assembly.
5. IPC-7711&IPC-7721: Rework of Electronic Assemblies/Repair and Modification of Printed Boards and Electronics Assemblies.

Up skilling

In phase of globalization, where not only the possession of knowledge and presentation but also expertization is very important, it is really quintessential for an organization to embark its knowledge with the help of in plant training.

The only way to this attainability of superfluous "Human Capital" is to train them as this is now globally accepted that all individual may not have the complete knowledge to deal in the business environment.

Our In plant Training Areas: Course title Duration
1 Zero Defecting Soldering 3 Days
2 Surface Mount Technology 3 Days
3 Rework & Repair of Printed Circuit Boards 3 Days
4 ESD Control In Electronics Industry 1 Day
5 PCB Design & Quality Assurance 2 Days

1. Training can help enforce the goal.
2. It helps in making staff skilful and highly productive.
3. It create a positive image of the organization in the job market
4. By assessing employees every year the company can make sure that its target are being met.

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